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During New York’s Phase 3 reopen plan, the Rochester Colonials will resume training following all guidelines, recommendations, and restrictions imposed by USA Rugby, Empire GU, the State of New York, Monroe County and local municipalities. Observance of the aforementioned will require the following club policies to be strictly enforced at all practices until Phase 4 reopen commences, at which point the club will reassess.


  1. All players, coaches, and attendees will have their temperature taken before participating in group activities, as per CDC guidelines if their temperature exceeds 99.6F they will not be allowed to join for that session.

  2. All players, coaches, and attendees will complete a medical screening form and waiver in order to participate. Any person(s) who is confirmed or suspect having Covid-19 or have experienced the following in the 14 days prior to the practice will not be allowed to participate and is encouraged to stay home:

    1. High temperature (fever)

    2. New continuous cough

    3. New unexplained shortness of breath

    4. Have made contact with a confirmed or suspected Covid-19 case

  3. No contact of any kind

  4. No shared equipment, including balls

  5. Minimum distancing between participants of 6 ft will be observed at all times

  6. Masks/face coverings will be worn whenever possible

  7. Group size will not exceed local guidelines, including coaching staff

    1. The practice field will be divided into separate areas; coaches will divide players according to position, fitness level as they see fit

  8. Proper hygiene must be practiced at all times, hand sanitizer will be provided by the club


Any person(s) not following the above guidelines will be asked to leave the practice. Continued disregard for these or other club procedures can and will result in fines and suspensions from the club. These restrictions are in place to ensure the safety of the club and it’s members, adherence to them will allow a faster return to rugby.

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